Beliefs both old and new have inspired our music.

Old folk beliefs have many practices that seem utterly outrageous. One might expect the advance of science and information to have weakened such beliefs. However, today's newspaper articles with their horoscopes and alternative therapies are not so very distant from the mythologies of the past.

In the past, there was thought to be only a limited quota of happiness available to the village community, and the happiness of others detracted from one's own. Even today, luck seems to be limited within the state, and some of us are reluctant to give it to strangers. In old beliefs, the wizard's iron fence protected from evil, just as walls are thought to protect today.

NN127 / LC14502
Nordic Notes

Produced by Pauanne
Recorded by Pauanne, Ilkka Herkman
Mixed by Pennanen, Lehto
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck/Chartmakers
Photos: Aki-Pekka Sinikoski
Layout: Jussi Karjalainen
Translations: Donald Adamson
Costume design and implementation: Eve Mäkitalo, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski


Kukka Lehto violin
Tero Pennanen Hammond B3, prepared piano, keyboards, pump organ and programming
Janne Haavisto Drums and percussions

1. Susiraja

2. Rauta

3. Maakillinen voima

4. Siihen laihin eläny

5. Taivallahden pohjalla

6. Juliaana

7. Mäntiin me kerran markkinoille

8. Akkojen hommaa

9. Svinja

10. Kirkkomaalla