Chizentele music

Arnold Chiwalala Band WITO

The very first time I saw and heard the kantele I was touched by its sound. It somehow reminded me of the sound of Zeze (the instrument I played in Tanzania, which I was taught by Dr. Hukwe Zawose), a sound which ignites the imagination.

"Chizentele" is a hybrid name to represent hybrid music: "Chi" comes from my last name, "ze" has connection with zeze the Tanzanian stringed instrument I played earlier and "ntele" comes from the word kantele. Chizentele music can simply be described as, kantele and rhythm, with or without singing. Added to that, the inventor's artistic creativity and vision play a vital role in the style. I have used the kantele to compose and write all the songs played on this CD. Karibu! - You are welcome!

Arnold Chiwalala
Global Music Centre
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Recording and mixing: Ilari Suonpää
Mastering: Jaakko Viitalähde


Arnold Chiwalala: 10-string kantele, vocals, whistling
Topi Korhonen: Trumpet, guitar, vocals
Libasse Sall: Bass guitar
Sami Kurppa: Clarinet, saxophone, keyboard
Ricardo Padilla: Percission
Menard Mpondo: Ngoma drums

All songs and lyrics made by Arnold Chiwalala.
All arrangemends made by Arnold Chiwalala & band

1. Usiogope

2. Naitikia Wito

3. Mbio Za Nini

4. Bandubandu

5. Nalukila Mayo

6. Amka

7. Amani Yetu

8. Twende Polepole

9. Vigelegele

10. Pambazuko