The first time I heard Pelios was a few years back and I still remember how moved I was by their music. There was something very honest and direct in their way of expressing music, an innocence and unexpectedness that I just couldn't resist. Since then I have seen the band and it's members develop their music towards the quality product you now hold in your hand. I'm glad the album is finally completed for me to enjoy.

Pelios' music will always have a special place in my heart!

Mikael Marin
Publishing year: 
Recording year: 
Country of recording: 

Produced by Pelios / Pelios & Hannu Oskala (9)
Recorded by Hannu Oskala
Mixed by Hannu Oskala
Mastered by Hannu Oskala


Josefin Peters: voice
Anna Lindblad: fiddle and voice
Suvi Oskala: five-string fiddle and voice

Guest musicians:

Milla Viljamaa: rhodes (9)

1. Systrarna / Sisters

Josefin Peters, lyrics trad. & Josefin Peters, arr. Pelios.

A ballad about rivalry taken to extremes between two sisters.

2. Vallpigan och konungen / The maid and the king

Trad., sung by Svea Jansson (Nötö, Finland), arr. Pelios.

A ballad about love across class divisions.

3. Ljusgangar

Josefin Peters, arr. Pelios.

Josefin wrote this tune insode an oil container that had luckily been emptied and prepared for polska dancing at Svanö island in Sweden 2002.

4. Elverumvisan

Trad., sung byVickes Johan Persson (Malung, Sweden), arr. Pelios.

Wanted: A trustworthy maiden not after money. Found: A young soldier with a sense of romance.

5. Vals om kvällen / Waltz in the evening

Josefin Peters & Suvi Oskala, arr. Suvi Oskala.

A waltz for the summer nights and their soft winds.

6. Väntan / Waiting

Josefin Peters & Anna Lindblad (B-part), lyrics Josefin Peters, arr. Pelios.

While waiting for your loved one, time seems like an eternity.

7. Unger Sven / Young Sven

Trad. & Pelios, lyrics trad., arr. Pelios.

Young Sven has a thing or two to learn about love.

8. Fyra Flickor / Four girls

Trad. & Suvi Oskala, lyrics trad. & Josefin Peters, arr. Pelios.

The one left alone - only one of four girls is left to wonder whether she'll ever find true love.

9. Bara du / Only you

Josefin Peters, lyrics Josefin Peters & Suvi Oskala, arr. Pelios.

You are the only one I dream about.

10. Tordyveln och flugan / The fly and the beetle

Trad., from the collection "Visor i Jämtland" (UR 1986), arr. Pelios.

A story of love that knows no boundaries - this time between two insects.

11. Rocken snurrar / The wheel is spinning

Trad., sung by Anna Sjöblom (Enviken, Sweden), arr. Pelios.

During a dark winter night she sits and spins her wheel, letting her thoughts wander.

12. Roddarvisa / Rowing song

Comp. & lyrics trad. from the collection "Sjömansvisor" (LT 1980), arr. Pelios.

This beautiful song was sung on board the ship "Richeliu av Strömstad" in 1903.