Shaped by the Sea

Nathan Riki Thompson

"The pieces on this album are shaped by memories of growing up by the sea, travels to distant shores, and a constant longing to be close to the ocean."

Nathan Riki Thompson
Nathan Riki Thompson
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Producer: Nathan Riki Thompson
Recording: Les Mommsen at Snap Studios and Assault and Battery Studios
Mixing: Miikka Huttunen at Sibelius Academy studios
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers


Adriano Adewale (Brazil): percussion
Dylan Fowler (Wales): guitar
Nia Lynn (Wales): vocals
Nathan Riki Thompson (Australia): double bass, maasai flute, marimbula, kalimba
Timo Väänänen(Finland): kantele
Mauricio Velasierra (Colombia): kena flute, moseño flute, pipes
Genevieve Wilkins (Australia): vipraphone, marimba

Special Guests:
Simon Allen (UK): waterphone
Ilkka Heinonen (FInland): jouhikko
Mari Kalkun (Estonia):vocals (track 1)
Natasha Zielazinski (USA): cello

All compositions and arrangements: Nathan Riki Thompson except:

Postcard 1 (underwater): Fowler/Thompson
Steps (ode to Laura): Nia Lynn
Postcard 2 (blue ocean): Adewale/Fowler/Lynn/Thomson

1. Vetelkõnd

2. Shaped by the Sea

3. Postcard 1 (underwater)

4. Underwater

5. Kapiti Island

6. Mzuka

7. Steps (ode to Laura)

8. Dance for Kai

9. Postcard 2 (blue ocean)

10. Gaia (Kasper's theme)