Turquoise bicycle

Emilia Lajunen

Emilia was born in a genuine smoky hut with no chimney - almost, at least. The old granary standing on the shore of the Keitele Lake smells of wood heating, and its blackened walls eat up the summer light.

But let's not turn this into an ethno legend. Emilia is an urban folk musician, a Master of Music by education, and she plays numerous bands (Suo, Juuri & Juuri, Spontaani vire...) and teaches at the Sibelius Academy.

I know some of these tunes. I put Turkoosi polkupyörä ("Turquoise bicycle") together myself. The steel frame was old, strong beautiful. Now Emilia rides it fast. The identity of the frame has remained although the bike is now fixed-gear. The rhythm stays in the feet and takes you away. The bike is like Emilia's own folk music.

I also know the archive tapes that lie beneath the tunes, because I can't get any peace from them at home. Neither does Emilia, but in a different way.

I also know Pilli-Hermanni because I, too, am from Keuruu. There was a disreputable ale-house that was named after him; the church boat that he wrote a ballad about sank right in front of the site of our summer cottage; he had some court business to do near Könttäri. Later on I learned that Pilli-Hermanni and Emilia are related. I really should have known.

Kare Eskola
Texicalli records
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Recording and mixing Marko Myöhänen
Mastering Pauli Saastamoinen
Producers Kare Eskola & Emilia Lajunen
Pictures AJ Savolainen & Eero Grundström


Emilia Lajunen, viisikielinen viulu, avainviulu, laulu

1 Mollipolska (Polska in minor)

trad & Lajunen. Arr. Lajunen

2 Renttulassa (In Renttula)

Lajunen, lyrics Herman Saxberg

3 Ammesmäen Kreeta (Kreeta of Ammesmäki)

trad & Lajunen. Arr. Lajunen

4 Kiikka-Iisakki (Kiikka-Iisakki)

trad & Lajunen. Arr. Lajunen

5 Kirkkovene (Church Boat)

trad. Lajunen, lyrics Herman Saxberg

6 Vanha Varpunen (Old Sparrow)


7 Satiainen (Louse)


8 Luojan Luomaa (Created by God)

trad & Lajunen, lyrics trad. arr. Lajunen

9 Iivanat (Iivanas)

trad & Lajunen. Arr. Lajunen

10 Turkoosi Polkupyörä (Turquoise Bicycle)