Praudaland Minuets

Petri Prauda
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Recorded by Teemu Korpipää, mixed Teemu Korpipää and Petri Prauda. Recorded and mixed in the studio of the Folk Music Department, Sibelius Academy in February 2002.

1. Entrance of the plectronites

Comp. Petri Prauda, arr. Petri Prauda.

Mandolin trio Plektronite in festive spirits; a tribute to the great masters.

Juha-Matti Kurra: mandolin (harmony parts)
Petri Prauda: mandolin (melody)
Jarmo Romppanen: mandola (comp)

2. Menuetti Lappohjasta (Minuet from Lappohja)

Comp. Petri Prauda, arr. Petri Prauda.

My mother's favourite. I played this already in the audition for the Sibelius Academy.

Petri Prauda: guitar - tuning D, G, D, G, H, e

3. The better schottische of the Pope of Puistola

Comp. Petri Prauda, arr. Petri Prauda.

A triplet feel schottische from the dark ages of Puistola district - I tried other jobs as well. Again we play in honour of the great masters.

Petri Prauda: mandolin (melody, harmony parts), cittern (comp)

4. Minuet from Jepua / Storpolska from Orsa

Comp. trad.

Micro intervals build a bridge across the Gulf of Bothnia. The rhythmical choice in the minuet is… interesting, but hey, so it is in the polska, too.

Minuet has been played by Viktor Andersson, polska by Roger Tallroth.

Petri Prauda: cittern

5. The funeral march of Hintriikka from Peltoniemi

Comp. trad., arr. Petri Prauda.

A classic piece from Kaustinen. While waiting for the invitation to perform as a soloist in Haapavesi Chamber Orchestra.

Petri Prauda: bagpipe, guitar - tuning D, G, D, G, d, d
Meri Tiitola: harmonium