VILDÁ: Vildaluodda / Wildprint

Arctic fells, frosty winds, wide waters and deep forests. That is our home – the North. For us it is the birthplace of our attitude as well as many many memories, a source of inspiration, stories and tradtition, a vast playground full of endless trails to travel. Wild and fascinating! Yet it is also the place where we feel the most safe and rooted. When we decided to set off on an adventure together as VILDÁ, we would never guess what an exciting journey begun. We have discovered, felt and experienced together. And as we stroll around the musical wilderness, we are leaving behind a trace like any other creature or being on this planet – it looks like a wildprint.

Recorded at Helsinki Music Center studio 2018-2019 by Tuomas Haimakainen
Edited and mixed by Tuomas Haimakainen, Venla Ilona Blom and Viivi Maria Saarenkylä
Produced by VILDÁ
Artistic producer Venla Ilona Blom
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering
Artwork and layout by Jimmy Träskelin / JRobert Design
Photos by Joanna Suomalainen
Lyrics translated by Saami by Pekka Sammallahti / Sámi Dekstor
Executive producer Jyri Lehtonen / Bafe’s Factory

© & ℗ MBA030 Bafe’s Factory / LC14502, NN128 Nordic Notes 2019. All rights reserved.
ISRC FIMBA1900013 ~ 00022

Sibelius Academy Folk Music Recordings 172
The Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki – Folk Music

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Hildá Länsman vocals, joik, drum
Viivi Maria Saarenkylä accordion, backing vocals
Niillas Holmberg backing vocals (1)
Venla Ilona Blom beatboxing (5) and backing vocals (2 & 9)
Mikko Heikinpoika Neuvonen throat singing and backing vocals (1 & 5)
Stiliana Ravelska Tyrkkö violin & viola (3) and backing vocals (5)
Christopher Rodulfo calabash & hand clapping (10) and backing vocals (5)
Nathan Riki Thomson hand clapping (10)
Mikko Renfors programming (9)

1. Skállovárri

2. Mäkrävaaran äijö / The Old Man of the Mäkrä Hill

3. Muittut / Memories

4. Talvisalo / Winter Woods

5. Utsjoki-disko

6. Haavoittuvaisille / For the Vulnerable

7. Beana ciellá / The Dog Barks

8. Goaskinviellja / Eagle Brother

9. Beaivvi Mánát / Children of the Sun

10. Vildaluodda / Wildprint3