On the site, you can browse publications, theses, and other results of artistic work and research from the Folk Music Department of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy. Other learning resources for folk music students are also available. We hope you will enjoy reading, watching and listening to them.

Further information about the Folk Music Department

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The Folk Music Recordings from the Sibelius Academy series includes recordings by Sibelius Academy students and teachers and their collaborations with various partners.

Book series

The Folk Music Publications from the Sibelius Academy series includes textbooks, sheet music and written research materials produced in the doctoral programme in folk music.


The doctoral and master’s theses from the Folk Music Department.

Learning resources

The featured teaching resources include selected study kits created and tested by teachers and students of the Folk Music Department, as well as other useful materials relevant to the study of folk music.

The Memory of Music

(In Finnish) The Memory of Music series includes video recordings of Finnish folk music instruments and folk singing genres, including music from the language minority groups in Finland.