Ilkka Heinonen – Savu

Produced by Ilkka Heinonen
Recorded by Mikko Raita
Mixed by Mikko Raita / Studio Kekkonen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Photos by Jani Kivelä / Live photo by Jorma Airola
Cover design by Japa Mattila


lkka Heinonen: jouhikko, voice
Nathan Riki Thomson: double bass
Mikko Hassinen: drums, electronics

1 Erlkönig

Sturm und drang of the late 18th century middle European composers still haunts us today, like the King ofthe Fairies (Der Erlkönig) in the poetry of Goethe.

2 Koivut ja kellot (The birches and the bells)

At the foot ofthe Ural Mountains. amongst holy birch tree groves, small Finno-Ugric minority groups of the Mari and Mordva people are torn between their ancient religion and the call ofthe bells ofthe Eastern Orthodox Church..

3 Saimaa

Oxygen overdose and the glittering, dancing waves in the midnight sun by the shores of lake Saimaa, one of Finland’s largest lakes. Nature clubbing.

4 Rutto (Plague)

Rutto portrays the dark, rotting side of our humanity. Alarm bells ring and an emergency call is sounded for humankind.

5 Nukkuneille (For the sleeping ones)

Dedicated to those who have passed away, or to the blessed tranquility for the ones who are just sleeping.

6 Rampa James (Broken James)

Broken Mr. Brown is still partying, despite the fact that his best days have passed and the haunting, freaky Carelian dance melodies are taking over his mind.

7 Estilä

Estilä is an imaginary place somewhere deep within the subconscious mind, where pianist Esbjörn Svensson continues to create his breathtaking Scandinavian musical landscapes.

8 Minus 23

The frozen land, the crunch of snow and the slow drifting snowflakes framed by the glow of a distant sun are forming an arctic paradise.