Mingled Years – Hannu Kella & Timo Alakotila

Mingled Years has been under construction since 2006. The idea was born when Timo and Hannu were discussing the huge backlog of compositions and arrangements which they have written for different theatre, film and dance projects throughout the last decade. Some of these pieces had been performed live only two or three times and the musicians felt it a shame that the music had never been recorded and released.

It was a few years before the duo actively started to work on realizing this project and what a journey it became. The project began by collecting old tunes and choosing which ones to use but they also wanted to include new tunes and original material. Finally they decided on a wide spectrum of older tunes, new ones and some which they composed specifically for this album.

Hannu Kella:

It has been a great honor for me to collaborate with my childhood musical hero, former teacher and one of the all time best musicians in Finnish folk music. One of the best feelings from this project was the sheer delight of composing together with Timo. I might, for example, start with an A-part and Timo would continue and expand from that. Then we improvised together and found the final form for the composition. Each piece was a special adventure.

Altogether this has been a thrilling process and it has given me much joy and pleasure to work with Timo and all the other brilliant musicians who have contributed to this album.

Timo Alakotila:

This album is one of the biggest and most exciting projects with which I have been involved. Think of two musicians/composers/arrangers combining their powers with the result being much more that 1+1. Thank you, Hannu! It was also a thrill to work with such excellent musicians. Thanks to you all!

Produced by Timo Alakotila & Hannu Kella

Recorded at Helsinki Music Centre studios (2015) by Juuso Raunio (1-2, 5-7, 9-11)
and Kallio-Kuninkala studios (2006) by Marko Myöhänen (3-4, 8)
Mixed by Jyrki ”Speedy” Saarinen at Mediagents studios
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Cover art by Marko Mäkinen


Timo Alakotila – piano, harmonium
Hannu Kella – accordion
Raisa Päivinen – violin
Esko Järvelä – violin
Salla Hakkola – harp
Kaisa Mäenpää – clarinet
Aile Hettula – oboe
Ville Herrala – double bass
Hannu Rantanen – double bass
Jani Kivelä – guitar
Minna Koskenlahti – glockenspiel & percussion

String quartet:
Alina Järvelä – 1st violin
Tommi Asplund – 2nd violin
Krishna Nagaraja – viola
Riku Vartiainen – cello

Kaisa Saarikorpi
Minna-Liisa Tammela
Anna Wiksten
Laura Kaartinen

1. Lobo de Oro

2. Matrimonio

3. Vals 333

4. Arctic Halo

5. Sundown Prelude

6. Raceroller

7. Lampaan polska

8. Minglewaltz

9. Kuma

10. Olavin polska

11. Sorrow March