Aino Kurki

This album was inspired by kora, a West-African harp. The virtuosity of the players of kora made a lasting impression on me and my music. I wanted to challenge the unique sound of kantele and at the same time take it to unknown areas. On this album, the age old jawbone of a pike swims its way into the turquoise ocean and dances among the corals while rhythms pop up to the surface of the water.

Aino Kurki
IMU-CD 142
IMU - Inkoon musiikki
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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matti Kontio
Produced by Sinikka Kontio
Photo & layout by Jimmy Träskelin


Aino Kurki, 39 stringed concert kantele, percussions
Guest musicians: Cheich Cissokho kora, Jorge Alcaide gimbri

1. Koralleja/Corals

2. Dunia

3. Seulb

4. Haapaniemi-Havanna

5. Alimogoja

6. Dying Elephant

7. Paperikukkamies/ Paper flower man

8. Löttölä

Compositions by Aino Kurki
Dunia & Alimogoja lyrics and arrangements for kora by Cheich Cissokho