Doctoral studies

A Doctor of Music degree at the Sibelius Academy requires a written thesis with a format and nature that can vary according to the doctoral candidate’s field of study. The degree also includes other documented sections such as concert recordings and other sound or video recordings. Some of these materials are available on this site in full, while others are introduced through short summaries due to copyright issues.

In the Arts Study Programme, the previous degree structure required five separate performances to account for the doctoral candidate’s artistic demonstration of proficiency; no separate written doctoral work was required. The degree structure changed in 2011, and a thesis written in connection with the demonstration of proficiency was added to the degree requirements. Now, a doctoral degree in the Arts Study Programme requires a research-based thesis and two to four artistic performances; the thesis often includes multimedia elements.

In the Applied Study Programme, the written work can include a summary or report and additional articles, non-fiction books, music books or other learning resources. In the Research Study Programme, the written work is a traditional dissertation.