Maradentro – This Hell, this Paradise

” Land is like a precious silk carpet
This hell this paradise is ours ”

– N. Hikmet

Recorded and mixed by Mikko H Haapoja, excpect Waves, Scrirocco, Altiplano and reso by Juuso Hannukainen
Mastered by Heikki Savolainen
Cover design by Matti Berg
Photo of the band by Riku Virtanen



Juuso Hannukainen: percussion, electronics
Antonio Alemanno: douple bass, oud, piccolo bass guitar, charango
Eero Savela: trumpet

Guest musicians:
Peppe Frana: oud on Waves
Krishna Nagaraja: viola on Waves
Anni Elif Egecioglu: vocals on This Hell, this Paradise

I. Waves

II. This Hell, this Paradise

III. Leo

IV. Scirocco

V. The Dance with no Steps

VI. Flying

VII. Altiplano

VIII. Reso

IX. Wadi Nisnas- Samai

All songs composed by Antonio Alemanno except: Flying by Eero Savela, Reso Juuso Hannukainen, A. Alemanno, E. Savela., This Hell, this Paradise A. Alemanno, Anni Elif
Lyrics by Nazim Hikmet