Nomas: Flow

Nomas is a new band that presents music and musicians from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, both fusion between these traditions and through their own new compositions, a band of Nordic contemporary folk music. Their sound has influences from all the Nordic folk music traditions, jazz. pop, rock and classical music, and not least the musicians strong personal styles. In this inter-nordic folk music fusion, Vidar Skrede (NO), Carl Nyqvist (SE), Pauliina Pajala (FI), Christian Stærke (DK), Olli Kari (FI), and Michael Craubæk (DK) are expressing their commomn cultural identity, both through traditional and contemporary Nordic folk music. NOMAS is a result of the new Joint Master Programme in Nordic folk music which is between Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Carl Nielsen academyof music in Odense, Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Ole Bull Academy of music in Voss. NOMAS are six first musicians with a master degree in Nordic folk music and are there by pioneers of this Joint Master Programme in Nordic Folk Music and the first all-Nordic band ever!

Vidar Skrede: viulu, 8- ja 12-kielinen kitara
Carl Nyqvist: viulu
Pauliina Pajala: viulu
Christian Stærke: basso
Olli Kari: haitari, laulu
Michael Craubæk: viulu, alttoviulu

Tuottaja: Vidar Skrede
Äänitys: Hannu Oskala, Torten Sminge
Masterointi: Hannu Oskala

1. Flow

Säv. Pauliina Pajala.

2. Lokasottis
Säv. Pauliina Pajala.

3. Dikedee
Säv. Christian Stærke.

4. Bolbropolska
Säv. Vidar Skrede.

5. Ymer i haven
Säv. Christian Stærke.

6. Nofo-waltz

Säv. Mikael Craubæk.

7. Laulu
Säv. Pauliina Pajala, san. trad. Suomi.

8. Tyska Blekingen
Säv. Carl Nyqvist.

9. Set de Michel
Säv. Olli Kari.

10. En lille vestern om
Säv. trad. Tanska, sov. Carl Nyqvist, Christian Stærke, Mikael Craubæk, Olli Kari, Pauliina Pajala, Vidar Skrede

11. Hendrix polska (live at Mimeteateret)

Säv. trad. Suomi, sov. Pauliina Pajala.