Nordic Choro

If choro music masic would have been born in the Nordic countries in the late 19th century, it might be sounding like this at the beginning of the 21st. However – excepting the European ones – we didn’t have the same influences here in the North, so this is just a vision and nordic choro is an imaginary genre. Nonetheless, the group Nordic Choro is a real representative of the genre and there is no need to be too serious about different music styles. After all, music is for playing!

Nordic Choro was founded in the Autumn of 2008. The repertoir of the ensemble consists mainly of contemporary compositions by Jarmo Romppanen. He has been inspired by Brazilian choro music and musicians, and also influenced by nordic folk-fiddle styles.

Fabio De Oliveira: 7-kielinen kitara
Anders Perander: lyömäsoittimet, cavaquinho, banjo
Jarmo Romppanen: 10-kielinen mandoliini


Petri Hakala: mandoliini (9)
Johanna Juhola: harmonikka (6)
Kukka Lehto: viulu (4)
Mari Mäntylä: decacorde (10-kielinen kitara) (11)
Jari Perkiömäki: sopraanosaksofoni (5)
Ricardo Santos: lyömäsoittimet (11)
Milla Viljamaa: harmooni (3)

Äänittäjä ja tuottaja: Jarmo Romppanen
Miksaaja: Taito Hoffren ja Jarmo Romppanen
Masteroija: Taito Hoffren, Ääniä

1. Backas the Better

This is a semi-traditional tune. There used to be two brothers and fiddle-players in Lapinjärvi in Finland by the name of Backas.

2. Happy Birthday to Me!
If a man doesn’t have a possibility to party his birthday, this could be the way to celebrate it, composing a tune for himself!

3. The Last Little Princess
This piece is dedicated to Jarmo’s daughter Esteri.

4. Blomqvist’s Jump
The traditional part of the melody is originally a polka, played by a fiddle-player called Blomkvist.

5. Atrás do Prejuízo

This is a composition by Fabio, and maybe that’s why it sounds more like traditional choro. The title means working to recover from loss.

6. Loving Tenderly
Love, love, love… the name of the tune tells it all.

7. Safe & Warm

This is for the opening of our concerts. From the very first moments we felt comfortable with this one.

8. The Wave Machine is Starting
In the town af Porvoo there is an indoor swimming pool, where they turn on the wave machine once an hour.

9: The First Days of Autumn
The smell of the air is so refreshing after the first cold nights, and that’s when you realize that summer is truly over.

10. The Birth of Sampo
Sampo was a magic machine in ancient Kalevala epics. It gave money, grain and salt to its owner.

11. Gammelgård
Gammelgård is a tiny village in a country-side quite near the town of Porvoo. Jarmo usually visits there with his family for having a good sauna.