Okra Playground – Turmio

Recorded and Mixed by Mikko Haapoja
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde mastering
Design and photos by Jimmy Träskelin
Translations by Sara Norja
Produced by Sami Kurppa


Veikko Muikku: Accordion
Päivi Hirvonen: Vocals, Fiddle, Bowed lyre
Sami Kujala: Electric bass
Tatu Viitala: Percussion, Guitar (10)
Maija Kauhanen: Vocals, Kantele
Essi Muikku: Vocals, Kantele

Guest musicians:
Sami Kurppa: Programming
Tero Pajunen: Vocals (1,2)

1. Kaunokieli / Silvertongue

music Veikko Muikku, Maija Kauhanen, Sami Kurppa / lyrics Maija Kauhanen

A deceitful womanizer fools around with several girls, picking and choosing, measuring their slim figures. But when the women fall for him, this silver-tongued man gives them only empty promises for the future.

2. Turmio / Disgrace

music Päivi Hirvonen / Kanteletar

A woman, once beautiful and virtuous, has fallen into disgrace.

3. Viivytysvirsi / Wasting time

music Veikko Muikku / lyrics trad.

Singing makes you lazy, humming will delay your work. Only lazy people spend all day singing, while their work is left undone.

4. Viimatar

music Veikko Muikku / lyrics trad.

5. Pakkasloitsu / Frostbitten

music Veikko Muikku / lyrics trad.

A charm to prevent the frost from biting, begging it to go and freeze marshes and hot stones instead of people’s bare skin.

6. Hopeamorsian / The silver bride

music / lyriscs Maija Kauhanen

A young man sets off to find himself a beautiful bride. He finally finds his silver bride on a high hill.

7. Tulen synty / The fire

music Essi Muikku / lyrics trad.

Beyond the nine skies, it spreads during a dry summer, travelling over the earth. Fire spares nothing that gets in its way. The only things it leaves behind are graves made from heat-scorched stones.

8. Kun mun kultani tulisi / If my beloved shall come

music Päivi Hirvonen / lyrics Kanteletar

A woman waits for her loved one to arrive, wanting to receive him even though he may already be in Tuonela, the kingdom of the dead. Still, she would hold him close even if death were wrapped around his neck, even if a snake were coiled up in his hand.

9. Sorsa / The mallard

music trad. / lyrics trad.

A mallard loses a kantele-playing competition to Väinämöinen. After the waterbird has failed to do so, Väinämöinen’s playing makes the water ring with joy.

10. Tuulen tuoma / Windblown

music Veikko Muikku / lyrics trad.

A lullaby for a newborn, wishing for good things to happen to the child. Windblown, tossed around by cold air, the child should be fearless of the weather like an elk, and should not cry when there is no reason to.