Rim – RIM

I heard Rim For the first time in spring 2015, in Voss, and was immediately thrilled and entranced by the group’s personal and Nordic musical language. The musicians in Rim transcend boundaries, both in the way they play together and in their arrangements. They display breadth in their musical expression, they are good composers and imaginative arrangers. I was fascinated by their transparent soundscapes and their rhythmic ease and energy, not to mention the groove! And what’s more, each musician is a soloist whose personal style shines trough in the group’s sound and interaction.

The lively pols from Helgeland is a temptation for dancers, and listeners are served subtle and personal songs in delightful harmonies. A Nordic sound with youthful vigor and musical valor!

June 2015 Eli Storbekken

Produced  by Maria Kalaniemi and Rim
Recorded and mixed by Teemu Vänskä at Helsinki Music Centre
Mastered by Minerva Pappi at Chartmakers, Helsinki
Photos by Agnes Stuber
Layout by Johanna-Adele Jüssi
Executive producer: Jo Einar Jansen
Translation and editing: Mary Barthelemy


Sunniva Abelli (SE): nyckelharpa, vocals, foot tapping
Hilde Fjerdingøy (NO): diatonic accordion, vocals, foot tapping
Jo Einar Jansen (NO): fiddle, octave fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, vocals
Elin Jonsson (SE): fiddle, viola, vocals, finger-snapping
Guest on track 11: Anette Åkerlund: vocals

1. Hulderslåtten 

Trad. Kristian Almås, Drevja. Arr: Rim

2. Yrsnö

Mats Edén. Arr. Rim

3. Barentsburg

Hilde Fjerdingøy

4. Mars

Hilde Fjerdingøy

5. Framåt/All den glädje

Sunniva Abelli/trad. Hilda Aljanki, Torinen. Lyrics translated to Swedish by Hans Alatalo. Arr: S. Abelli

6. Ack jag

Trad. Maria Misgeld. Comp: Sunniva Abelli/Hilde Fjerdingøy. Arr. Rim

7. Femton gastar

Trad. Louis Engblom, Stockholm. Comp: Sunniva Abelli. Arr: S Abelli/Rim

8. Vintern kommer

Elin Jonsson

9. Reinlender etter Andreas Rugås

Trad. Velfjord. Arr: Rim

10. Polska efter Isak Isaksson

Trad. Hotagen. Arr. Elin Jonsson

11. Ikke rull

Sunniva Abelli. Lyrics: trad. Esperanza Fernández

12. Mærravisio

Trad. Martin Hundvik, Elsfjord. Lyrics: Per Davesa, Elsfjord. Arr: Hilde Fjerdingøy

13. Som stjärnan

Trad. Maria Misgeld/Margit Finnekåsa. Arr: M. Misgeld/Rim

14. Nuoruustango/Siliatanssit-tango

Lyrics: Anu Kaipainen. Comp. Kaj Chydenius/Arto Järvelä. Arr: Eero Grundström/Rim/A. Järvelä