Unaja – Unaja

Produced by Unaja
Musical production by Antti Järvelä and Unaja
Recorded, editedand mixed by Antti Järvelä and Niko Laasonen
Mastered by Masi Isohanhi / Studio57
Photo and cover art by Jimmy Träskelin


Maija Pokela: kantele, voice
Jutta Rahmel: kantele, voice
Minna Koskenlahti: percussions (on track: 2, 9 and 10)
Tero Pajunen: voice (on track: 3)
Antti Järvelä: piano, mandolin (on track: 2 and 5)

1. Ilmalintu / Soar

composition: Maija Pokela / lyrics: trad., Finland

An epic Kalevala story about a bird gliding through the sky, searching for a place to lay its egg. From the egg, the world is born.

2. Kapea Polku / Narrow way

composition: Jutta Rahmel / lyrics: Jutta Rahmel, trad., Finland

A path that leads nowhere, and you know it in your heart even before you’ve taken the first step. Still you walk.

3. Merenmorsian / Bride of the sea

composition: Maija Pokela / lyrics: trad. Finland, Maija Pokela

A ballad about a maid who is waiting for her groom, Aksel Lindeeni, from the seas. She’s delighted to see the steam ship approaching the shore, but doesn’t see her beloved on the ship bridge. ”Where is Aksel Lindeeni?” she whispers to the captain. The answer: ”He’s buried in the waves”. Heartbroken, she decides to follow him in death.

4. Siivet / Wings

composition and lyrics: Jutta Rahmel

A song about embracing life, living it fully with joy and an open soul.

5. Valkoinen taivas / White sky

compostion: Jutta Rahmel / lyrics: trad. Finland

Sweet, young love and the magic of nature.

6. Ainaki aikani / Atlantic waves

composition: Maija Pokela / lyrics trad. Finland

The sad part of a traveler’s life: the people you leave behind. The worrying comrade, standing on the shore, wondering if his friend has drowned. His parents, thinking taht life would have been much easier had the friend overseas never been born. If only there was a telephone wire over the Atlantic Ocean…

7. Unicorn riot

composition: Jutta Rahmel

Unicorns having a blast.

8. Popcorner

composition: Maija Pokela

We <3 popcorn

9. Matkalla / Traveler

composition and lyrics: Maija Pokela

On the move, to wherever, time after time. Releasing space to think, brightening the mind offering beauty.

10. Tulivalkea / Burning love 

compositio: trad. Finland, Jutta Rahmel / lyrics: trad. Finland

Once lit, nothing kills the flame of true love.