Anne-Mari Kivimäki

These pieces are from my solo album Pauhu published in 2003. One of the dearest projects in my student days was a project seeking to revive the Karelian tradition of 1 or 2-row accordions. My teacher Maria Kalaniemi introduced archive recordings of the accordion player Ilja Kotikallio from Suistamo. I became enchanted by Ilja's stories and trepak playing. In addition to trepak playing, I formed a two-woman folk dance and folk music group Puhti, which offers a joyful perspective on performing folklore. The skilful performing of Puhti can be viewed on the video tracks of the record.

Publishing year: 
Recording year: 

Produced by Maria Kalaniemi, recorded by Olli Varis.

1. Siiputus

Comp. trad., arr. Anne-Mari Kivimäki, Reetta-Kaisa Pirhonen.

A trepak played by Ilja Kotikallio serves as a springboard for the world of improvisation for Puhti. Put on your dancing shoes and let the accordion howl!

Anne-Mari Kivimäki: 1-row accordion

2. Patronen I

Comp. trad., arr. Anne-Mari Kivimäki.

A beautiful and serene introduction to an 18-minute 2-row accordion piece in four parts: Following the kantele persuasion of Paavila Patronen from Ägläjärvi.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki: 2-row accordion

3. Tanhuvaara

Comp. Anne-Mari Kivimäki, arr. Eero Grundström, Anne-Mari Kivimäki.

A piece inspired by a rhythmic motif. This is how it goes!

Eero Grundström: harmonium and synthesizer
Antti Järvelä: double bass
Anne-Mari Kivimäki: 5-row accordion
Piia Kleemola: violin
Juha-Matti Kurra: mandolin
Petri Prauda: jew's harp